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Kočevski les

Aleš Marolt

The forestry and wood manufacturing industries that were leading economy forces in the Kočevsko region, almost came to an end after Slovenia gained independence in 1991. Therefore, Kočevje Municipality took the initiative to found Kočevski les society in 2015. Their aim was to encourage and link the forestry and wood manufacture spheres in the region. Their ultimate aim is that wood as strategic raw material of the Kočevsko region is worked into products with the highest possible added value directly in the region.

When the society gained concession to manage municipality forests, it started with wood drying kilns and accompanying surfaces for storing and manipulation. It is an active partner at developing regional forest-wood chain and establishing new opportunities. Together with its partners it ensures a sufficient amount of low-value wood biomass as energy source for public heating supply in Kočevsko region. It gained certificates FSC®-C130751 and PEFC™/27-31-42. Together with Kočevje Municipality, it gained the certificate for the most careful owner in the area covered by Slovenia Forest Service already in 2017. It cooperates in development projects in the field of polygeneration technologies with synthesis gas which is the base of fuel and green chemistry products. They remain true to virtues, value and responsibility for heritage and environment, in the business context they strive for reliability, growth and success.

        Trata XIV 6a, 1330 Kočevje

       +386 41 413 545