Montesorri Ball with a Wooden Stand – Available soon!

Iza’s fabric Montessori ball with a wooden stand is closely connected with her three children. With them, she realised that the greatest investment into a child is to catch the right moment to give them the toys that they need for their further development. Thus, they develop their potential, grow into autonomous people and build self-esteem. A ball and a stand are the best toys for the babies’ first year. They help them strengthen abdominal muscles that later enable them to sit. The bell in the ball arouses enthusiasm in the little “kickers” so they will try to push the ball above them again and again. Motivated this way the babies will develop concentration and gain numerous motor skills.

Material of the stand: beech
Material of the ball: upper layer 100% cotton, polyester stuffing

Diameter of the ball: 200 mm / 7.8 in
Weight: 160 g
Length of the stand: 730 mm / 28.7 in
Weight: 540 g

Warranty: 1 year

The item is being prepared. Find out more at:

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Montesorri Ball with a Wooden Stand – Available soon!